Darryl Simmons



Recommendation for Mr. Darryl Simmons Darryl sold our house in March 2015, we canít say enough good things about him. He has low-key personality, and he does not get in your face to market himself. Donít let his modesty fool you because he is a first rate Realtor. Our house was located in the wildfire recovered area, and although the house was extensively renovated, the house was tough to sell due to the area and being in the higher price range. Darryl was patient and did not let one opportunity to slip through. The thing about Darryl we like the most is that he listens and pays attention to each client. We had some conditions we laid out before we signed with Darryl, and he held fast on the condition. We gave him the bottom line, and told him we did not want to go back and forth negotiating. That is exactly what he did. We did not hear back from him until he accomplished what we wanted and protected us from all the negotiation details. We used another reputable and well-known Realtor before Darryl, but he was not able to sell the house within the listing period of 6 months. We received much higher level of service from Darryl when we re-listed our house with him. We would definitely sign with Darryl again if we ever have a real estate need in the Pikes Peak area!

Isabel & Isreal Carradero

 Darryl is very knowledgeable in regards to the real estate business and if anything has to be done to meet the buyers requirements he knows the right people that can do the job at an affordable price.
   We recommend Darryl Simmons for your real estate needs.
Israel Carradero
Isabel Carradero